Ducati Simplex

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The Simplex was launched along side the flash synchronised Sogno in 1950. As it's name suggests this a simplified version of the Sogno with a fixed collapsing Etar 35mm f3.5 lens, It lacks a range finder and has a small viewfinder. Focal plane shutter and shutter speeds of B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/250. Like the Sogno the shutter is released by the left hand in portrait mode.

Ebay 2002/09/20 500USD (#17519 , perhaps one of the last examples which were hard to sell and were given as a bonus for the purchase of a Ducati bike. In this case the sharp guy threw away the bike a long time ago but kept the camera with great care), 2004/08/29 651EUR (hard case), 2004/10/13 800USD (case, strap and instructions), 2003/09/18 630EUR (#12634), 2003/10/26 1010USD (box, case, cap), 2003/11/12 365GBP (#11099, Etar 35mm f3.5), 2005/03/29 716.99EUR, 2005/05/21 400EUR (commission+VAT), 2005/06/26 616.99EUR (box, case, hood, cassettes), 2005/11/10 811.99USD (#17843, case, instructions), 2005/12/09 650USD (box, case, #15822), 2006/05/06 620USD (#14280, case), 2006/06/22 300EUR (book), 2007/07/05 303EUR, 2007/08/07 235GBP (#11038), 2008/01/08 310EUR (case)

box only 2008/01/13 45.50EUR

* #12324


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