Minox MD 8x16

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The Minox MD 8x16 has a rectangular viewing area. The crystal clear optics and wide viewing and easy to use sliding control for focusing make this monocular a delight to use. Almost identical to the MD 6x16 but with the bonus of increased magnification.

The Minox MD 8x16 includes a neck chord and soft pouch with pull ties.

You may see on Ebay and elsewhere a Z shaped monocular. This comes with a plastic lens cone to work as a microscope. Ignoring the poor optics of this it does work with the MD6x16 and MD8x16. A quality clip on lens for the MD would turn it into a neat microscope with a wide field of view.

Model MD8x16
Serial #  
Purchased 02/02/08
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 65EUR box
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
* 02/04/16 37.57EUR
02/01/17 56EUR box
* 02/02/08 65EUR box
02/04/26 56EUR
02/04/27 66EUR
02/11/17 49.50EUR
03/01/16 90EUR
04/02/17 50.60GBP
04/06/15 40.50EUR
04/06/28 23.38EUR
06/03/12 40.52EUR
06/04/30 8.88EUR (3 sold)
07/08/10 46.05EUR


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