Steky IIIA

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The Model IIIA was introduced in 1954 and for the first time offered a standard PC type synch connection. The camera is stamped "Model IIIA Use 16mm film" on the side. The leather is not stamped.

Model Steky IIIA
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Lens 11087
Shutter B, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100
Aperture f3.5-f16
Film Door lock  
Dimensions  (width x height x depth)
Purchased 2002/05/17, 2002/06/27
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 150USD (500 GBP for 5), 72GBP
Current Value
Auction Price Ebay *2002/03/16 150USD (1of5), 2003/03/08 146.01EUR (case, 40mm lens, filter), *2002/06/27 72GBP, 2002/10/28 71USD, 2003/03/03 232EUR (Stekaton Wide Angle Converter, Steky-Tele 5,6/40mm), 2003/03/14 93USD, 2003/03/17 123.50USD (Steky-Tele 5,6/40), 2003/05/06 159.10USD (#11071, box, case, tele photo in box), 2005/11/02 83USD, 2006/01/24 75EUR (with 40mm f5.6 lens), 2006/04/03 100USD, 2006/05/10 82USD (40mm Stekaton, case), 2006/05/29 67EUR, 2006/06/02 92USD (in delux display box),  2006/08/15 207.50USD (box, 0mm Stekaton, case), 2006/08/16 56.50USD (case, instructions), 2006/09/30 280EUR+commission (box, Steky-Tele 5,6/40mm), 2007/06/11 49.88USD (box), 2008/04/28 188.50AUD (89.36GBP with telephoto)
Comment  Also seen Steky IIIA with Lizard skin, Steky IIIA with cold shoe

Engraved Steky III but with PC synch. Cross over production, or did someone switch the viewer side? Ebay 2005.05/14 56GBP

Deluxe display box

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