Steky IIIB

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The Steky IIIB was launched in 1955. noted by the longer shutter release lever, the cold shoe on the side in place of the disc to hold the filter or lens cap and the shutter speed selection is an inverted crescent moon above the the Steky logo with the numbers below that. The markings are 1/100, 1/50, 1/25 and B.

Below the cold shoe is stamped "Model IIIB Use 16mm film". The camera is still 136g with out film.

There are also <EP> versions, stamped under the cold shoe, for Exchange Post (US Armed Forces shop).

Model Steky IIIB
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Shutter B, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100
Aperture f3.5-f16
Film Door lock  
Dimensions  (width x height x depth)
Purchased 2002/05/17
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 141EUR (500 GBP for 5)
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/01/08 124.50USD (case), 2002/02/05 121USD (with 40mm lens), 2002/02/05 111.50USD (plus 40mm lens), 2002/02/06 147.50USD (plus 40mm lens), 2002/05/08 255USD (box, telephoto box), 2002/05/16 99.95USD (EP version, plus 40mm telephoto), *2002/05/24 20.50USD (case only), 2002/06/17 300USD (#5390, Sketaton wide, carry case), 2002/06/24 138.50USD (plus telephoto), 2002/07/08 173EUR (plus telephoto and wide angle lenses), 2002/07/31 218EUR (wide angle, box), 2002/06/17 150USD (box), 2002/11/11 226EUR (#24640, Steky-Tele and wide angle), 2002/11/12 156EUR (case, instructions), 2002/09/22 56.51USD,  2003/02/14 158.55EUR (case, box, 40mm tele), 2003/02/19 81.15USD, 2003/04/26 78.23EUR, 2004/01/26 194.30EUR (telephoto, wide angle), 2004/02/04 75.56EUR (box, case, instructions), 2004/05/28 65GBP (telephoto), 2004/07/15 82USD (wide angle), 2004/08/02 82USD (wide angle),  2004/09/09 505EUR, with large case, telephoto and wide angle converter), 2005/01/04 294USD (telephoto, wide angle), 2005/01/30 60EUR (wide angle), 2005/05/07 68.37GBP, 2005/05/27 137.50USD (plus 40mm telephoto lens), 2005/05/29 90.99EUR (case, 40mm telephoto), 2005/02/13 125USD, 2005/06/29 199USD (box, with telephoto in box, Autoknips x2), 2005/07/07 78USD, 2005/09/01 74.20USD, 2005/11/22 182.28USD (box, telephoto and wide angle in boxes), 2005/11/30 126.50USD (Steky-TELE coated 40mm/5.6 40mm telephoto lens), 2005/12/25 104.50USD (box), 2006/01/25 86USD (case, box), 2006/01/27 156.55EUR (with tele and wide angle lens all boxed), 2006/02/03 101EUR (case), 2006/02/23 75.98USD, 2006/02/27 64GBP (case, telephoto), 2006/03/02 250USD (case, filter, box), 2006/04/15 64GBP (with filter, case, f5.6/40mm telephoto), 2006/04/18 51GBP (telephoto), 2006/06/02 67EUR (with tripod and bracket, dead shutter), 2006/07/18 62USD (case), 2006/07/29 154.50USD (box, telephoto box), 2006/07/31 77USD (case, box), 2006/08/25 87.50EUR (case), 2006/09/04 98USD, 2006/09/04 98USD (cold shoe Saymon Brown N.Y., light meter), 2006/12/03 153.51USD (case, 40mm), 2007/03/01 84.90EUR (case), 2007/07/09 133.50USD (box), 2007/08/06 45.50EUR, 2007/12/01 128EUR (case, tele), 2008/02/15 160.50USD (box, case), 2008/04/26 423USD (film, wide angle and telephoto and cases), 2008/08/14 104.50USD (with 40mm telephoto)

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