Chadt Wrist watch Camera AC 60

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Made in Germany by Hersteller CHADT CAMERAS, D-57074 Siegen an all metal wrist watch camera using the Minox 8x11 film format cassette.

The Chadt AC-60 is a hand made M2 with various modifications. Some have, two shutter speeds, f-stops to f/16 {f/4, f/5.6, /f8, f/16} and  various finishes {chrome and gold plated}. The model was still in limited production, silver-grey or black, on a 4 week order in 2006.

Model AC 60
Serial #  
Finish/colour Aluminium, brass, high-grade steel, in silver-grey (Perl eloxiert) or in black
Lens 14.3mm, fixed focus, 3-lens
Aperature f4-f16
Shutter 1/60 second
Weight 70grams complete with strap
Date of Manufacture 1997 - Individual production on order {approx. 4 weeks delivery time}
Cost 990EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2006/10/15 700USD (perl)
Comment wrist strap is 22mm wide leather. 

Last updated 15th October 2006