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The VICAM is a gold-plated Chadt M2, with identical features; a 3 element 14.3 mm (f/4) fixed focus lens.  The 24 karat gold plating covers up the f numbers. Made in 1990 in Berlin.  Only 108 hand built cameras were made, although serial number 69 and 157 has been seen. Fixed 1/180 second shutter, with variable aperture from f/4 to f/11 set by a tiny lever on the front of the camera. Comes with slide-out viewfinder. The original  price  was 2,750DEU (1375EUR).  

Model Vicam
Serial # 69
Finish/colour 24 caret gold plated
Case none
Instructions German
Purchased 2004/02/04
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 412EUR
Current Value 800USD
Auction Price Ebay 800USD 2002/03/03, *2004/02/04 412EUR, 2004/02/14 358EUR, 2005/05/26 300EUR (#148), 2005/11/27 2200EUR + commission, 2006/05/20 750EUR + commission (box, #125)
Dimension 55 x 32 x 24 mm
Weight 66grams
Comment Box and papers are numbered, e.g. 157 as in the photograph below.

Photo by Martin Doctor

Last updated 20th May 2006