Märklin Mini Club 30th Anniversary

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The Märklin Mini Club is a special 30th Anniversary edition make for the model railway club Märklin.

The camera was not for sale, but was given as a gift to dealers. Dealers got from 1 to 3 cameras depending on how big they were. The camera is a limited edition made in 2002. The $500,000.00 level dealer got one camera, and no dealer got more than 3 cameras. Only about 144 were made. A few dealers in North America got them..

The camera style is comparable to the Nikon F EX.

The camera is marked ‘marklin’ on the top and ‘mini-club’ on the front. The plastic custom display case is also marked ‘marklin mini-club’. The set is packed in a custom box complete with neck strap, lens cap and a roll of Minox film, and then in a custom outer box.


03/03/02 237EUR
03/05/17 154.89EUR
03/07/03 204EUR
03/07/15 157EUR
03/08/05 130EUR
03/08/13 142EUR
04/03/22 142.89EUR
06/05/24 520USD
07/02/27 375USD
07/04/30 208.90EUR

Last updated 1st May 2007