Riga - Minox 8x11 - Eagle engraving

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Sample wanted

There are several reported versions of Riga-Minox cameras made during Nazi occupation in 1941-43. The Germans had the "Made in USSR" milled out and the missing word "Riga" engraved on the film chamber sliding cover. It is possible that some of the cameras that the Russians had "Made in Latvia" milled out were again milled to remove the "Made in USSR" to have "Made in Latvia" re-engraved. 

It has been reported that at least some of these were marked with a swastika (probably for military use) and other military markings, but were apparently not otherwise different. Minox give 17500 as the last number Marked with a swastika made during WWII Nazi occupation. The markings of WaR and WaA seen on some cameras may be fake as Leica cameras used for military purposes with validated history where not marked in this way. 

 The above 16146 makes this a late camera production and an unlikely candidate for the WaR marking.

 Ebay 2005/10/15 1495USD (#12276), 2006/06/24 1231GBP (WaR 508, #12661, box, film, case), 2007/07/22 1195USD (WaR 503, #13051), 2007/11/26 2600USD (WaA505, #11273, 2 black screws)

12276, below, also has a milled out area where "Made in Latvia" has been engraved. This could have been one that has "Made in USSR" and no "Riga" by the Soviets and then re-engraved after the second Third Reich invasion of Latvia. 12641 is marked WaR 509.


Last Updated on 8th December 2007