Vectis -  GX-4

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FEATURES: • Advanced Photo System technology • Watertight construction for underwater use • Unique nautical styling • Long eye relief viewfinder • Drop-in film loading • Automatic film operation • Three selectable print sizes • Focus-free 27mm lens • Automatic exposure control • Automatic flash • Self-timer


When the going gets wet, Minolta's waterproof GX-4 gets going. This radically designed Advanced Photo System camera is watertight down to 15 feet. It’s great for snorkelling, skin diving, or just riding the waves. And don’t worry if it falls overboard, because this camera even floats! The GX-4 adds fun and excitement to any wet and wild situation, and a full selection of available action accessories lets you carry and use the GX-4 while participating in your favourite activities

Advanced Photo System features include drop-in film loading, a choice of three print sizes, and the new system film cassette. After developing, your negatives are returned in the cassette for easy storage, and a handy index print shows each picture on the roll. Ordering enlargements and reprints is a snap.

Watertight construction lets you use the GX-4 underwater, as far down as 15 feet. Unique 'porthole' styling and bright yellow colour is perfect around the water. Plus, a protective outer shell improves durability.

The long eye-relief viewfinder lets you see the entire image with your eye up to an inch away from the viewfinder. Great when wearing glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or sports glasses.

Drop-in film loading is simple and mistake-free. You never touch the actual film, and threading, advance, and rewind are completely automatic. Three selectable print sizes allow greater creativity in picture compositions. The focus-free 27mm lens renders the subject or scene sharp from 3.2 feet to infinity. Exposure control is fully automatic -- no settings or adjustments to make. The flash fires automatically whenever the light is low. A 10-second self-timer lets you set up the shot and appear in the photo.

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