Minolta Vectis -  100BF

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A sleek and ultra-compact Advanced Photo System camera with an extra-large viewfinder, optical glass lens, and precise infrared autofocusing.

The VECTIS 100 BF  ("Big Finder") provides a big viewfinder, extensive automatic operation such as programmed auto exposure, and a self-timer. The versatile flash includes Autoflash, Manual fill-flash, Flash cancel, and Night Portrait modes. A red-eye reduction function is also included. In addition, the wide 24mm focal length (approx. 30mm in the 35mm format) guarantees convenient landscape or group shots while Continuous-drive mode provides added creative capability. Moreover, images shot with the VECTIS 100 BF are clear thanks to its all-glass lens. The camera includes a battery-condition indicator for carefree use. Compact and lightweight, the VECTIS 100 BF is a highly portable LS camera.


Extra-Large Viewfinder
The Vectis 100BF’s extra-large, magnified viewfinder provides a bright and clear image which is much larger than that of other compact cameras in the same class. This makes the camera ideally suited for a mature audience of consumers, and anyone with farsighted-related vision problems. The extra-large viewfinder image will quickly appeal to everyone because it makes following the action and composing the picture much easier.

Easy Operation
The Vectis 100 BF is compact, fully automatic, and very easy to use -- even for a beginner. The extra-large viewfinder, precise infrared auto focusing, automatic flash, red-eye reduction, and drop-in film loading make it simple and fun to take beautiful photos. The Vectis 100BF’s simplicity, affordability, and ultra-compact design offer an advantage for the consumer who wants to avoid the more complex and expensive compact cameras.

High-Quality, 24mm Optical Glass Lens
The Vectis 100BF’s 24mm lens (approx. 30mm in the 35mm format) is precision-crafted from high-quality optical glass, for sharp images with high contrast and true colour rendition.

Precise Auto focusing with Focus Lock
The precise infrared autofocus system keeps the subject sharp from just 2.6 feet to infinity. In addition, the user can lock the focus on the main subject simply by pressing the shutter-release button partway down. Focus lock is useful for creatively positioning the subject anywhere in the image frame.

Sleek, Ultra-Compact Design
The Vectis 100BF features a sleek, ultra-compact design which makes it very easy to slip into a pocket, purse, or fanny pack and take wherever you go. This super-lightweight, easy-to-carry camera weighs a mere 5.4 ounces without the battery.

Programmed Auto exposure
The programmed auto exposure system features centre-weighted metering and a shutter speed range of 1/60 - 1/250 sec. (1/30 - 1/250 in flash cancel and night portrait modes). Programmed automatic exposure eliminates the need for camera settings and ensures that the subject will be correctly exposed under a wide range of lighting conditions. Film speeds of ISO 100, 200, and 400 may be used.

Multi-Mode Flash
Flash worries are a thing of the past with the Vectis 100BF. The built-in flash can be set to fire automatically whenever the light is low, to provide the proper subject illumination. Additionally, the versatile flash system features manual fill, cancel, night portrait (slow shutter sync), and red-eye reduction modes.

Red-Eye Reduction
To help eliminate the red-eye effect common in flash portraits, the Vectis 100BF features a red-eye reduction lamp which glows to close down the subject’s pupils before the flash is fired.

Drop-In Film Loading
With Minolta’s Vectis 100BF, film loading is completely mistake free. Simply open the film chamber door on the bottom of the camera and drop in the film cassette. There are no guides to find or film leaders to stretch. Just pop it in, close the door, and the film will automatically forward itself and advance to the next frame after each shot. At the end of the roll, the film rewinds automatically, but the power rewind function can be activated at any time.

Selectable Print Aspect Ratios
For greater creativity in picture compositions, the Vectis 100BF allows the user to select C (Classic 2:3), H (High Definition TV 9:16), and P (Panorama 1:3) print formats. The viewfinder’s bright-frame guides make composing the image quick and easy. A single roll of film can contain mixed formats, and formats may be changed anytime with an order of reprints.

Continuous Film Advance
To help capture the action as fast as it happens, the Vectis 100BF can be set to advance the film at one frame per second, for as long as the shutter-release button is held down.

Built-In Protective Lens Cover
To protect the high-quality lens from scratches and dust when the camera is not in use, a hidden lens cover slides into place when the camera is turned off.

The self-timer delays shutter release for approximately 10 seconds, allowing the user to set up the shot and appear in the photo. A blinking lamp alerts the user before shutter release.

Auto Power OFF
To conserve battery power, the Vectis 100BF automatically shuts itself off if not used for approximately five minutes.




IX 240 Advanced Photo System lens-shutter camera.


24mm (Approx. 30mm in the 35mm format) f/4.5; 3 elements in 3 groups (all glass).


Active infrared type. Range: approx. 2.6 feet to infinity (C/H/P). Maximum magnification 1/32. Focus lock available by pressing shutter-release button partway down.

Auto exposure:

Programmed AE with CdS metering cell; center-weighted metering. Range (at ISO 200): Ev 6 - 16.

Shutter Speed Range: 

1/60 - 1/250 (1/30 - 1/250 in Flash Cancel and Night Portrait modes).

Film Speed Range: 

Automatic setting for DX-coded ISO 100, 200/400 film.

Film Transport:

Drop-in loading, auto threading to first frame, auto advance, auto rewind; manual start of rewind available. Forward frame counter.

Double Exposure Prevention:



Extra-large, bright-frame Albada type; field-of-view 90% (for H print, subject at 9.8 ft.); magnification 0.64%; diopter adjustment -1; eye relief 15mm from eyepiece glass, 10.7mm from eyepiece hood. C/H/P formats indicated by bright frame.


Built-in, guide number 42.6 ft.; autoflash, autoflash w/red-eye reduction, manual fill, cancel, and night portrait modes available.

Red-Eye Reduction:

Via red-eye reduction/self-timer lamp.

Flash Range: 

2.6 - 18.3 ft. at ISO 200.

Flash Recycling Time: 

Approx. 5 seconds.


10-second delay of shutter release (cancellable); activated by pressing self-timer button; operation indicated by lamp on front of camera. Cancelled by pressing self-timer button again, or shutter-release button partway down, or turning power off.


One CR2 lithium battery. Battery condition indicated by three-stage display.

Auto Power OFF: 

Camera turns off automatically if not used for approx. 5 minutes.

Battery Performance: 

Approx. 12 cassettes of 25-exposure film with flash on 50% of exposures (based on Minolta’s standard test methods).




4.3 x 2.5 x 1.5 in


5.4 oz.


Last Updated on 31st January 2005