Pentax 110 White ASAHI panhead

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Pentax Auto 110 specifications include shutter speeds from 1 sec to 1/750th, an exposure range of EV 3 to 17 at ASA 100, aperture ranges from f/2.8 to f/13.5, a silicon photo cell rather than the less sensitive CdS that was more in use at the time.  The Auto 110 was also able to index itself for the new ASA 400 film.  For the lower film speed setting, the camera would key itself to ASA 80.  Centre weighted metering system.   While the finder is small by 35mm standards, it is large by 110 standards, but easy to focus with excellent contrast and nicely balanced in use.  Its two AA battery powered winder propelled film though at an astounding single frame per second.  It works one frame at at time, and can not be used for sequential shooting. The winder only works correctly with film inserted as the cut off is achieved with the next sprocket encountered, otherwise the winder does not stop.

The Auto 110's electronics are turned off by depressing the shutter release slightly, until some resistance if felt.  Of course virtually everyone forgets about this since it's not marked on the camera. 

Production from 1979 until summer 1980 with numbers reported in the range 1019xxx to 1028xxx.

Model original white ASAHI pan head version
Serial # 1023289
Finish/colour black
Case soft black zip up case
Box major component set (purchased separately)
Accessories 18mm (#1041462), 24mm (#1009712), 50mm (#1046683) lens, winder (#145455), AF130P flash and strap
Purchased 2003/01/26
Date of Manufacture 1979
Cost 114.95USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/04/29 73USD, 2002/05/06 70USD, 2002/06/09 71GBP, 2002/09/18 91USD, 2002/11/03 141EUR, 2002/11/08 126USD, 2002/11/14 150USD, 2003/01/04 66EUR, 2003/01/05 96EUR, 2003/01/11 135GBP, 2003/02/24 80.75USD, 2003/03/02 85USD, 2003/03/06 65USD, 2003/03/19 106.25USD, 2003/03/25 109.50USD (white), 2003/03/25 158.50USD (black panhead), 2003/03/25 129.50USD (black panhead), 2003/01/17 73.50EUR, 2003/01/20 132.50USD, *2003/01/26 114.95USD (white), 2003/02/06 104.60GBP, 2002/11/16 102.5USD, 2002/11/13 76USD, 2002/11/25 46USD. 2004/09/02  48GBP, 2004/09/12 72EUR

Major component set  box only 2002/11/06 12GBP

Comment Although the camera was purchased together with components is unlikely that this was an original major component set. The winder has a smooth and not ribbed rubber and later serial # 314735. 18mm lens #2005181, 24mm #1009712 with single side clip on the cap, 50mm #1092219. The 18mm, 50mm lens and winder now included were obtained separately.

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