Tessina - 17 jewel Swiss Watch

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The 17 jewel Swiss watch is claimed to have been made in very small quantities and the asking price is subsequently very high. The potential for fakes is also high as a common 17 jewel wrist watch 'Made in Switzerland' can easily be converted with a small plate to fit the Tessina.

The one below reached over 1000USD on Ebay 2002/09/08 with a claimed 100 units world wide but did not meet the reserve. It was eventually sold for 1500USD, on 2002/11/01, with a claimed 50 units for the USA but an unknown total production.

Ebay *2004/12/20 1575USD (black 35 Automatic, 8x viewer, sports finder, 4 filters, 17 films), 2005/02/05 1136USD

Last Updated on 30th April 2005