Tessina Daylight Loader

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The Tessina uses a plastic film cartridge to take the short length 35mm film. The daylight loader enables the film to be transferred from a standard 35mm cartridge to the Tessina cartridge and cut after the appropriate number of turnings. Care has to be taken in making sure that the film is secured to the spool of the Tessina cartridge otherwise it will dislodge in the camera and be unable to be rewound before removing the film. Likewise the film has to be secured to the take up spool otherwise it will slip and not advance. This is more difficult with modern films that have a thicker base and more rigid plastic. It is advisable to let the film settle in the cartridge a few days as this easies film transport and avoids jamming the delicate mechanism of the camera. 

*2001/10/24 49USD +3 cartridges
2002/03/10 39.50EUR
2002/04/01 40.53USD
2002/06/23 33.50EUR
2006/04/03 40.11USD
2006/11/15 34USD
2007/09/30 18EUR

Last Updated on 4th October 2007