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Additional notes and comments supplied by David Foy.

Yashica Atoron was made by Yashica (Kyosera, now) in 1965. The camera uses Minox film cassette 8x11mm format and is equipped with auto exposure selenium meter. Slightly larger than its contemporary, the Minox B and has a smooth satin matt finish. 

The meter is selenium and it is a program EE camera that setting needle makes the shutter and aperture automatically. It has only EV dial on it, no shutter speed or aperture dial. The Yashinon f/2.8 18mm four elements lens is equipped with fixed focusing. The shutter speed is set between 1/45 to 1/250 sec. at f16 and B, no slow speeds, The maximum aperture value is set to f16. The camera has a permanent UV filter of front glass and Y2 sliding filter inside. The flash gun was also provided as a M contacts. 

It came in two body styles;  one was smooth, the other had a waffled surface (perhaps only seen on the Revue Mini-star).

There are at least two variations of the Yashica Atoron, one (the earlier) has its control knobs fastened with slot-head screws that are covered by glued-on aluminium discs. The second has pin-face screws and seems more common and the release for access to replace the film has a lever. [Repair note -- the discs come off with the gentle application of heat, as with a soldering iron.]

The camera has a shutter lock ring around shutter release.  The release for the film chamber door, if held will allow the door to slide off. Sometimes the spring on the catch is damaged and thus allowing accidental remove of the sliding door.

Special versions were made for Foto-Quelle Revue and Photo-Porst:-

This camera is a quality shooter. It uses a pull-tab to advance the film. Yashica choose to have a variable aperture but a fixed lens. The Minox A/B and later models. lack aperture control but have a focusing lens. Unlike the zap of the Minox B shutter release, the Atoron makes a noisy squelch.

It has an all metal AG-1(b) bulb flash gun which can be attached to the body with a big screw. This has a pop-up shield and reflector. Two versions are found:- the 'early' version use a pair of Mallory MN1900 batteries and the 'later' type a single larger 15V MN504 battery.

Two slip-on filters (80A and ND4) cover the lens and the meter.

The cameras were supplied in a wooden presentation box, black velvet lined with flash bulb unit, two slide on filters and a chain. The boxes for the Yashica have space for camera case and later for a the batteries for the flash bulb unit as well. Late versions of the Mini-star are red velvet lined.

The early Yashica camera case is Minox like in appearance, the later and more common type are button down types with the camera being removed full length.

The boxes for the Revue Mini-star and Porst KX50 have no space for a case and the outer box is tight fitting. The Minox B like cases for the camera and flash bulb unit must have been sold separately. Only the box for the Porst has lettering on the top.

A tripod was also available for the Yashica Atoron and came in a case similar to the Minox cases.

Model Yashica Atoron
Lens 18mm Yashinon f2.8
Shutter 1/45 - 1/250 and B
Aperture f/3.5 to f/16
Meter Coupled Selenium scale marked in EV units
Finish/colour chrome/silver, Revue Mini-star with plain or waffled surface
Dimensions 103x33x22mm
Weight 120g
Case hard black leather, belt slot at the back, Minox B style. Later cases are black plastic with button clips
Box black with black velvet lining - no slot for batteries on the earlier one
Current Value 55-85USD boxed, 25-40USD camera only
Auction Price known early type: Ebay 2001/11/06 37USD, *2001/12/07 36.01USD, 2003/11/20 23USD (box)

Ebay *2001/08/19 49USD (boxed), *2001/08/27 35USD (box, no filters, flash broken), 2001/08/29 50USD, 2001/09/05 28.50USD, 2001/11/01 35GBP, 2002/01/22 72USD, 2002/02/04 53.77USD, 2002/03/07 57.60USD (box, kit), 2002/03/31 102.50USD, 2002/04/28 64USD, 2002/02/25 41USD (box, kit), 2002/05/21 56.12USD, *2002/07/08 62USD (box, kit), 2002/07/10 35USD, 2002/09/05 31.02GBP, *2002/09/12 49.99USD (box, kit), 2002/09/17 58USD, 2002/10/09 32USD, 2002/11/12 17.26USD, 2002/12/01 56.01USD, 2003/01/21 67USD (kit+film), 2003/01/29 67USD (kit+right angle finder, close up lens), 2003/11/20 23USD (kit), 2004/01/02 56.50USD, 2004/02/11 12.05GBP, 2004/02.09 38GBP (box, kit), 2004/03/25 22.09USD (+flash), 2004/06/27 51.01USD (box, kit, close-up lens, pod tripod)

known later type: Ebay 2001/09/05 54USD, 2002/02/13 31GBP (box, kit)

flash only 2002/02/15 16EUR (with flash bracket)

Comment Permanent UV filter and slide in yellow (Y2) filter with 80A and ND4 slip on filters.


With a solid chromed brass body and French Butabloc cigarette lighter based on Yashica Atoron this sample was made in 1965 and was seen at auction September 2014.


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