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Housed in a plain uncluttered body the Mamiya 16 Deluxe was introduced in 1961 to fill the gap left by the discontinued 16 Super III.  Dispensing with the coupled light meter the space was replaced with an optical viewfinder with parallax correction. It has shutter speeds from 1/5 - 1/200 s plus B, lacking only the slower speeds of the 16 Automatic. It retains the fast f2.8 lens and aperture settings from f2.8 to f16 with a wheel on the left-hand side of the camera and a readout on the camera top. It has a focusing lens, with close-focusing to 0.264 m, Accepts filters with a slip-in set-up like the 16 Automatic, i.e. rectangular.

Has two tripod sockets ( one was used by a flashbulb unit and the other by the wrist strap), cable release connection, and PC contact. The built-in lens cover acts as a shutter lock.

Model silver gold
Serial # 2951853 2951853
Finish/colour silver/brushed aluminium and  black plastic with gold trim black aluminium and plastic with gold trim and front
Case black leather black leather
Box   gold/white
Instructions   English
Date of Manufacture    
Current Value    
Auction Price Ebay 2002/04/13 35.50GBP, 2002/05/01 17EUR, *2002/05/30 22.79USD, *2002/08/13 15GBP, 2002/11/13 31GBP,  *2003/09/30 49.90USD (box), 2004/08/01 10.50GBP, 2004/09/13 26.50USD, 2004/12/20 52.90USD, 2004/11/26 5.19GBP, 2005/07/11 42.59USD (case), 2006/02/05 40GBP (box), 17.26USD (box), 2006/04/17 4.99USD, 2006/05/21 9.28GBP

Ebay 2002/02/25 81USD, 2002/03/24 41.50GBP, *2002/06/19 49.99USD, 2002/12/02 24.95USD, 2004/12/03 21.50USD (case), 2005/04/18 52.11USD (box), 2005/06/20 13.06USD (instructions), 2005/09/01 56USD (box)

Comment   includes check pattern strap


Last Updated on 20th May 2005