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The Mamiya Super 16 was introduced in 1950. This model has a focusing 25mm four-element (f3.5-11) lens controlled by a sliding bar on the top of the camera. An engraved scale on the top of the camera allows focusing from 0.3 meters (1 foot) to infinity. The logarithmic scale has marks at 03, 0.5, 1, 2m  (1,1.5, 3,6 ft), infinity and a hyperfocal point.  It is the focusing lens that distinguishes the Mamiya range from that of Minolta, where only the 1972 QT has a focus scale. The 25mm lens is also very sharp.

The view finder has parallax scale is marked 1Ft or 0.3M. 

The shutter speed increased with markings of B, 1/2. 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 s.

It has a slot to load the round filter. A little lever on the front of the camera slides the filter in and out, while a tiny trap-door on the bottom allows the filter to be changed. Available filters included yellow, green, red, skylight, 85B, and neutral density.

Early versions are engraved "Made in Occupied Japan". Later versions include the small window showing a pattern that moves when the film is advanced. This does not work on the later single piece cassette where the film is not loaded on a spool.

This model also introduced a flash synch with a proprietary socket that also had an accessory insert to convert to a standard PC connector. The flash contact screws into the bottom of the camera, inside the tripod socket. So the flash will only work with Mamiya cameras, even though similar units where sold for Steky and Minute 16 cameras. The accessory converter for standard PC connector is often missing, so perhaps was an optional accessory.  The Mamiya flash has a bracket that locks the camera in place with the cable plug screwing the camera to the bracket.

The Mamiya Super 16 (I) was produced for six years. It is engraved "Super 16" and can be distinguished from the Mark II by only having three of the f-stops labelled  f3.5, f5.6 and f11. Later Super 16 models have all the f-stops labelled.  The focus scale is engraved on the top plate. On the Super II and Super III the scale is a label stuck in a recess oblong retaining the flush finish of the surface. A few of the earliest, in 1951,  Model I cameras are marked "Made in Occupied Japan" on the back of the camera and later ones have a serial number.

Model Super 16 (imperial) Super 16 (metric) Super 16 (metric, late)
Serial # none 76134  
Lens 25mm four-element lens
Shutter B, 1/2. 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 s
Aperture f3.5-11
Finish/colour chrome/brushed aluminium    
Case brown, hard leather with short strap, velvet lined    
Purchased 2003/05/21   2005/04/25
Date of Manufacture      
Cost 31USD   53USD
Current Value 50USD   50USD
Auction Price Ebay 2002/02/25 92USD, 2002/03/14 199USD (Kit with flash, bulbs and film), 2002/03/06 84.51USD, 2002/03/31 69USD, 2002/04/20 60USD, 2002/04/22 65USD, 2002/05/11 88USD, 2002/06/10 51.01USD, 2002/06/20 58.30GBP (Kit with flash, bulbs and film), 2002/06/26 63USD, 2002/07/08 60USD, 2002/07/17 61.01USD, 2002/07/26 59USD, 2002/08/06 51USD, 2002/08/16 50USD (with flash), 2002/08/30 61USD, 2002/09/04 43.32USD, 2002/09/10 49USD, 2002/10/06 36USD, 2002/10/31 102.50USD, 2002/12/13 66USD, 2003/01/02 56USD (with flash), 2003/03/09 88USD (with flash), 2003/03/11 68USD (with flash), 2003/04/14 41USD, 2003/04/20 36USD (instructions), 2003/05/04 84.99USD, 2003/03/28 48GBP, *2003/05/21 31USD, 2003/05/23 99.95USD (with flash), ~2003/06/19 37GBP, 2003/07/26 47USD, 2003/08/22 56.20USD, 2003/11/18 52GBP (with black flash, kit in box), 2004/01/14 37USD,  2004/02/09 40GBP (case), ~2004/09/04 40.62GBP, 2004/04/03 64.53USD (with metal flash), 2004/09/30 52.27USD, 2004/11/29 62.99USD (case), 2004/12/13 30USD (case), 2004/12/06 52.03USD (case), 2005/01/18 29.98USD (case), 2005/02/13 26USD, 2005/03/16 42.77USD, 2005/04/25 36USD, 2005/07/26 42USD (case), 2005/10/23 82USD (case), 2007/01/14 167.50AUD (66.96GBP, box set with flash), 2007/06/11 39.50USD, 2007/10/02 83.50USD (case), 2007/10/20 68USD (box set) Ebay 2002/07/20 81EUR, 2004/12/05 39EUR, 2005/03/23 60USD 2005/05/19 41.50EUR Ebay *2005/04/25 53USD (case)
Comment Made in Occupied Japan    

The camera was often sold in a kit with three rolls of film, camera case, flash attachment and flash bulbs.

Depth of field scale

Lens opening With lens at infinity: With lens at 12 feet: With lens at 6 feet: With lens at 3 feet:
f3.5 28 ft. - infinity 9 ft. - 12 ft. 5 ft. - 7 ft. 2.7 ft. - 3.3 ft.
f5.6 18 ft. - infinity 7 ft. - 36 ft. 4.5 ft. - 9 ft. 2.6 ft. - 3.5 ft
f8 13 ft. - .infinity 6 ft. - infinity 4.1 ft. - 11 ft. 2.5 ft. - 3.8 ft
f11 9 ft. - infinity 5 ft. - infinity 3.7 ft. - 17 ft. 2.3 ft. - 4.3 ft.


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