Mycro Tripod

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The tripod attachment has at least two forms. Material and size of bush are different 13.7mm and 16mm diameter.

Model Mycro Tripod
Finish/colour nickel-chrome
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay  2004/04/22 82.91USD (camera, tripod), 2005/05/29 193GBP (with pan/tilt and Vesta camera), 2005/06/19 27GBP (tripod only), 2005/09/3- 46USD (tripod only), 2007/11/02 103.50USD (tripod, hood, filter, box of film)

The tripod legs can be extended and locked. The feet have a small spike.

Tripod Set

Last Updated on 1st November 2007