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During Minox's long history a number of case options have been available. The popular alternative to the supplied case has been belt cases of which there have been more than one style.

The standard cases where also sold separately in brown, black, green, red (a bright crimson Chinese red) and pig skin (a light tan brown). For the Minox A the companion light meter had matching cases. The flash bulb unit was also sold with different leather colours and so was the tripod. Gold cameras where sold with crocodile leather cases, and these where also sold separately.

The options were reduced so that for the Minox C and BL the only alternative choice to the ever ready case in black was the belt case. Some later Minox B style cases will also accommodate the Minox BL and close fully.

There are a number of special editions of the LX/TLX series of cameras and these where supplied with the every ready case in burgundy or even higher quality black leather. For the LX Gold II the case reverts to the classic A/B style but is now more square on, heavier and more robust. These are seen in black and golden brown. Similar cases were included with the CLX, LX 2000 and Aviator and AX cameras.

The EC introduced a slip on case allowing the camera to be hung around your neck, i.e. it is open one end. A neat combi case was sold for the EC with 8x11 flash. The case has compartments for the 8x11 flash and the EC camera. It will accommodate the ECX and 8x11 flash. The ECX is more square-on in cross section and so the original EC case has to stress if the ECX is pushed into it. This makes it tight to remove and means that for the EC is is no longer tight. Consequently the ECX case is that tiny amount wider.

The MX, as an Acmel MD OEM model for Minox has a small soft cloth bag to hold the camera.  

Last Updated on 23rd January 2002