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The standard LX case is a black ever ready case similar to those of the Minox C and Minox BL.

An unusual case was marketed in North America, made in Canada, as "The Minox Spy Camera It's not just for beautiful spies anymore." in 1979.

ever ready case
01/12/01 29DEM
* 02/06/04 23.03USD
02/12/07 39USD (burgundy)
03/04/16 27.57EUR
03/08/03 30.27EUR
* 03/11/02 10.50EUR
05/08/28 17.49USD

The case has space for the LX, FL4 flash cube unit and a flash cube or spare film. The case is made of soft calfskin in burgundy.

Ebay * 2001/10/29 45USD, 2005/12/16 67.66USD, 2006/03/19 105.75USD, 2006/05/08 117.49USD, 2008/11/01 39.95USD

Mink Oil was supplied to polish the leather for this case.

The Minox LX Platin, LX Gold II and LX Sterling Silver cameras are supplied with black ever ready cases with a higher grade of leather. The LX Sterling Silver case has silver fixing.

The LX Gold selection is an ever ready case in burgundy and was supplied with a matching case for the gold FL4.

 For the later special editions Minox choose to make a version of the AX cases, in black for the LX 2000, CLX and Aviator. A similar case in tan, golden brown was made for the "Gold I".

Ebay 2008/02/10 33.83EUR

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