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Minox B cases where sold in gold boxes in North America from at least 1962 until 1970 when it was sold for $6.95 in black. Belt cases usually have no hole for the chain and you have to undo the belt to remove the case. One version of the Minox C case has stud buttons and a long flap so that the case can be removed without having to undo the belt first.

Belt cases have a leather loop through which a narrow leather belt can be slipped. The tongue of the lip of the case is a stud button, making it easier to secure when worn.

01/09/12 47USD
02/04/26 30.78USD
02/06/10 51USD
02/07/13 58USD
02/10/11 54USD
02/10/29 40USD
03/03/13 31USD
03/07/27 25EUR
03/09/19 32.50USD
04/02/10 13.27GBP
05/04/02 22.50USD
06/02/06 20.05USD
06/04/29 52.80USD brown
06/04/29 42.79USD brown

Some cases had a band either side of the case so could be worn on the right or left and still have the stud button upper most.

Last Updated on 29th April 2006